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This land is vast and marvelous, full of peril and marvel in equal measure. Adventurers from all corners of it travel great distances to complete grand, dangerous, and splendid quests full of threats and treasure and wonder. There is glory, riches, fame, and splendor to be found—and instead of seeking it, you have settled down.

Now and again, adventurers pass by the home you’ve made for yourself. They are worn, weary, in need of rest and respite. And so you offer your hospitality, freely and warmly, again and again. You are no traveler. You are on no noble, extravagant quest. This is your home, a place you’ve made worth settling down in, but to most people, you’re simply a stop along the road.

A Stop Along the Road is a short (three pages) solo journaling game. Playing as a character who offers their home and hospitality to adventurers passing through, you’ll write journal entries from their perspective. The game will provide instructions and loose prompts, helping to gently guide your storytelling. To play, you’ll need these instructions, a means by which to record your entries (paper and pen, a text document, audio recording tools), and a deck of tarot cards.


The first two pieces of art featured in the game are by the lovely Mocha, and the third by myself.

CategoryPhysical game
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TagsFantasy, journaling, solo, Tabletop, tabletop-game, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Hello, I hope I'm not being rude! Is there a chance to replenish community copies sometime? This seems like such a neat and cozy little game and I'd love to be able to try. If not, thanks anyway!

not rude at all!! generally i put up community copies in exchange for comments, ratings, and reviews. this is done manually so sometimes it takes a while—but i just noticed some newer ratings so i dropped a couple more community copies! i might do an event of some kind that'll let me drop a bunch more sometime in the near future too. thanks for asking!! 💖


Ahh glad to hear it! I managed to nab one, thanks so much for the opportunity! <3


this is such a cozy game! there's something about being a fly on the wall, in a way, that makes me want to observe and invest myself into everyone's stories. even though we only cross paths for a short time, it's enough for me to hope they'll be ok and wonder if they're happy. thanks to you and mocha for creating this!


AW YEAHHH ITS OUT 🥺💘💕💗💗💞💖💗‼️‼️ Thank you SO much for having me on board with this precious little game, I'm honored 💗💗🌸🌸🌸💗💗💗💗🌸💘🦜✨